The Toyota Vios remains as one of the hottest selling vehicles from the brand’s vast selection. It has truly taken the streets by storm since its first introduction many years ago.

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This sedan’s styling has noticeably remained the same as before with the exception of new chrome garnish on its fog lamps. It still comes with a variety of colors to choose from and is still a top choice if you're looking for a subcompact car.
The interior has a practical and clever ambiance. The side panels are covered with hard plastics and its dashboard features a three-spoke polyurethane steering wheel with a sporty flat bottom and a triple gauge display that makes it look sophisticated. Its seats are perfectly-crafted for city driving.
The engine in this sedan keeps improving as compared to its predecessors, though remains fuel-efficient. It has decent speed and power for its class. Once you're up to speed, it maintains a decent mid-range pull providing finesse as you cruise.


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