The Toyota Super Grandia is a standout amongst its class. It is the number one choice of vehicle in terms of space and comfort. It remains one of the most sought-after vehicles in the Philippine market.

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The Toyota Super Grandia is massive in size providing a huge comfortable space for its passengers. Its exterior features a touch of luxury as compared to most vans in the country. The classy front end even has raked windshield, a chrome grille and large headlights. The side profile is equally distinguishable, with the window outline by the B-pillars breaking the monotonous lines.
The very top and sought-after spec of this van is its spacious cabin that includes leather seats and arm rests that make it very comfortable for its passengers. It also features dual air-conditioning with vents on each row. To add safety to comfort, it has seatbelts for every seat, anti-lock brakes and safety crumple zones.
The van’s engine produces decent power, just enough to cruise its group of passengers to long tours. It has tight turning radius that provides easy maneuvering; a very reliable choice when to take the family or group to out-of-town travels.


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