The Toyota Rav4 is the best all-rounder among the small SUVs of today. It has the perfect balance in terms of performance, convenience, style, and comfort.

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The combination of the stylish and sporty look of the Toyota Rav4 makes it attractive to adventure-seekers and even young executives. Its angled headlamps and sharply creased bodywork give the RAV4 an assertive presence.
The car features very comfortable sport fabric seats, the perfect choice for adventure rides. It’s entirely cavernous on the inside, with a huge room across the rear seats and additional space in the boot. The cabin is solidly constructed as most of Toyota's models.
The Toyota Rav4 engine is top-notch among other vehicles in the Philippines. It features a standard 2.5-liter inline-four engine paired to a six-speed automatic transmission as the only power train option that makes a measly 176 horsepower. It even offers a 1500-pound towing capacity, a good balance when it comes to power.


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