The Toyota Innova is the very definition of the multipurpose vehicle. It is known to be a practical family car or people carrier nationwide.

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The Toyota Innova is a compact multi-purpose vehicle. Its unique shape and size separate itself from the sedans and SUVs of their brand. The car is a perfect fit for the whole family for travel. It has large windows that provide a great view to its driver and passengers.
With its wide body, the car can seat a big group of people comfortably. The seats are large and well bolstered, making it apt for long distance touring. The AC vents are higher up, while the rest of the buttons and infotainment system are positioned conveniently, within reach. The soft top of the dashboard feels great, faux wood tries to add a premium touch.
The engine is practically built both for city and long-distance drives. The 5-gear manual gearbox has a good spread ratio, enough to take its passengers on long travels. Its gears may be controlled using the manual mode on the gear lever even without paddle shifters on its steering wheel.


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