The Toyota Altis provides a massive comfortable space in the inside apart from its sleek design and sporty feel on the outside.

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The Toyota Altis has come a long way now getting its own identity. It styles a clear-cut profile and eye-catching design with its sharp headlights, chrome grills and distinct LED daytime running lights. Its rear has its redesigned taillights that now also come with LED lighting. It also features a curvaceous rear bumper and striking chrome strip on the trunk lid.
The sedan's interior mixes ergonomic design with a semi-sophisticated look brought on by heaps of gloss black plastic, soft-touch materials on the dashboard, illuminated panels and faux metal trim. It also comes with a telescopic steering rack as some car brands omit this feature on mass-market models. Not only does it look classy, but this car also provides excellent safety and convenience to its passengers.
It is one of the smoothest C-segment four-doors on the street right now. The Altis is geared towards fuel economy rather than outright performance which makes it the best choice for long travels. It even has an ‘Eco coaching’ function which lets the driver know when they’re running efficiently.


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