The Nissan Urvan Escapade is known to be one of the most fuel-efficient vans available in the market. It is the perfect choice for long road travels for a large group or the whole family.

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The Nissan Urvan Escapade styles the classic look of vans. It has a broad body, a flat nose and large windows. Like the plain Urvan, it is also equipped with halogen headlights and a huge door. It is an ideal choice for those traveling to distant places.
With its shape, it has fully-maximized the interior providing comfortable space to its passengers. It has a very good cooling and ventilation system, better than most vans in the market. Its seats are covered with the combination of leather and fabric, which makes it even more comfortable. The windows on its sides are huge, providing a great view of the surrounding while traveling.
It is widely-known to be a fuel-efficient van which makes it a very popular choice for public transportation use, fleets or family vehicle. Its 4-cylinder in-line OHV water-cooled engine delivers extra power for excellent high-speed cruising and acceleration.


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